Nodagama Gallery IZUMITA

Noda Village

Northern Iwate

A gallery run by Yukiya Izumida, a ceramic artist from Rikuzentakata City who has received high praise in numerous contests. In addition to soil from Noda Village, he continues to create works with a focus on local materials, such as using loose ore from the Noda Tamagawa Mine. Here you can purchase a variety of carefully crafted and fired works, ranging from highly artistic items to practical items. The Nodayaki workshop is adjacent to the Asian Folk Art Museum. You can also make a reservation and try your hand at making one-of-a-kind Nodayaki.

5-79-17 Tamagawa, Noda Village, Kunohe District, Iwate Prefecture 028-8202
Business Hours
Every Wednesday, Thursday, 4th Sunday
Phone number 0194-78-3403
FAX number 0194-78-3403

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