Nishidake Fish Farm Fishing Pond

Ichinohe Town

Northern Iwate

A fishing pond where you can enjoy fishing for char and rainbow trout in the great outdoors. The fish you catch can be grilled over charcoal and eaten on the spot. There is also a children's park nearby, so it's a facility the whole family can enjoy.

Nishidako, Okunakayama, Ichinohe Town, Ninohe District, Iwate Prefecture
Business Hours
8:30-17:00 (Open from late April to end of October, open every day during the period)
Free admission / Rental rod (with bait) 100 yen
Okunakayama Kogen Center House
Phone number 0195-35-3131
Per 1kg of fish...Rainbow trout (small) 1,235 yen (excluding tax), char 1,615 yen (excluding tax), etc.

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