Motsuji Pure Land Garden [World Heritage Site]

Hiraizumi Town

Southern Iwate

The Motsuji Pure Land Garden, which is centered around Oizumi Pond, has been designated by the national government as a special historical site and a special place of scenic beauty. The Motsuji Pure Land Garden has Mt. Toyama in the background, and the stonework of Suhama, Tsukiyama, Dejima, and Tobijima are placed around Oizumigaike. Gardening techniques that incorporate natural landscapes are shown throughout.

58 Osawa, Hiraizumi, Hiraizumi-cho, Nishiiwai-gun, Iwate 029-4102
Business Hours
3/5-11/4 8:30-17:00 (11/5-3/4 until 16:30)
No holidays
Adults 500 yen, high school students 300 yen, elementary and junior high school students 100 yen
Motsuji Temple Office
Phone number 0191-46-2331
FAX number 0191-46-4184

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