Ryusendo Cave and Ryusen Shindo Science Museum

Ryusendo Cave is counted as one of the three largest limestone caves in Japan and is also designated as a national natural monument. The length of the cave is already known to be over 4,088m, and the total length is said to reach 5,000m. In addition, fresh water gushing out from the depths forms several underground lakes, and the third underground lake is 98 meters deep and boasts one of the clearest waters in the world. The dragon blue lake water, which hides the breath of nature's finely honed nature, and the countless stalactites inside the cave will transport you to a fantastical world.

1-1 Kannari, Iwaizumi, Iwaizumi-cho, Shimohei-gun, Iwate 027-0501
Business Hours
8:30-17:00 (October-April)
8:30-18:00 (May-September)
Adults 1,100 yen, elementary and junior high school students 550 yen, preschoolers free (group discount available for 15 people and above)
Contact name: Ryusendo Cave Office

Phone number: 0194-22-2566

FAX number: 0194-22-5005
Others: ●Morioka Station - Ryusendo bus time

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