Yonai Water Purification Plant

Morioka City

Central Iwate

The city's water purification plant, located in Kamiumai, on the outskirts of Morioka City, is also known as a famous spot for cherry blossom viewing, and the grounds are specially opened to the public during this season. Approximately 30 Japanese weeping cherry trees are carefully protected as city-designated preserved trees, and the sight of them in full bloom is truly spectacular, as if displaying the dignity of the queen of cherry blossoms. The red brick building of the water treatment plant, which has a strong presence, also adds flowers to the cherry blossoms. [Blooming period] Early to mid-May

49 Nakai, Kamimeuchi, Morioka City
Morioka City Tourism Division
[Cherry blossom viewing period] Usually from late April to early May [ Morioka City Water and Sewerage Bureau website ]

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