Asakai Co., Ltd.

Morioka City

Central Iwate

You can see the process of making delicious local sake, which is unique to Morioka, a city with clean water, and learn about sake making. A guide will be available for tours of the facility, including the brewery (Showa Asahigura), product factory, and local sake product center.

10-34 Daijijicho, Morioka 020-0828
Business Hours

◆Asa Kaiji Sake Products Center 9:00-17:30
◆Sake brewery tour 9:00-16:00 (regular reception 15:30)
12/31, 1/1
Local Sake Products Center is closed irregularly.
Asakai Co., Ltd.
Phone number 019-652-3111
FAX number 019-624-4303
About sake brewery tours ⇒ Asa Kaiji Sake Products Center
TEL: 019-624-7200 (reservation required)

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