Nitobe Inazo

Morioka City

Central Iwate

A thinker and international person with a doctorate in agriculture and law from Morioka City. He served as Deputy Secretary-General of the League of Nations and interacted with politicians, thinkers, and scholars from around the world, and strove to help other countries understand Japan based on his philosophy of ``becoming a bridge across the Pacific.'' His representative work is ``BUSIDO-THE SOUL OF JAPAN'', an English essay on Japanese thought, which has been translated into various languages ​​as an introduction to Japanese culture. There is a Nitobe Inazo Memorial Room in the Morioka City Ancestor Memorial Hall, where items related to him are displayed.

Morioka City Motomiya Aza Jabiyashiki 2-2
Morioka City Ancestor Memorial Hall
Phone number 019-659-3338

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