Tokurakuji Temple

Karumai Town

Northern Iwate

Tokuraku-ji Temple (Soto sect) was founded in 1558 as a branch temple of Hoko-ji Temple in Nagawa-cho, Aomori Prefecture. The carvings in the transoms of the main hall of this temple (370 in total) are said to be some of the best in Tohoku, and each side is based on a legend or historical fact, and their splendor is astounding. In addition, the seated statue of Yakushi Nyorai and the wooden standing statue of Bodhisattva Wakashi are designated as important cultural properties of the prefecture, and there are many other statues enshrined there as well.

4-1 Oaza Karumai, Karumai-cho, Kunohe-gun, Iwate 028-6302
Tokurakuji Temple 0195-46-2944

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