Kinkeishan [World Heritage Site]

Hiraizumi Town

Southern Iwate

Kinkeisan is an elegant conical mountain. There are also legends that say, ``Hidehira lined up his laborers to the Kitakami River, carried stones, and built the mountain in one night,'' and ``Hidehira buried a pair of golden chickens, a male and a female.''
Several sutra mounds were built on the summit of Mt. Kinkeisan. However, it was stolen in 1930 and is currently in a partially destroyed state. The artifacts excavated from that time are kept by the Tokyo National Museum and Motsuji Temple.

029-4102 Hiraizumi Aza Hanatachi, Hiraizumi-cho, Nishiiwai-gun, Iwate Prefecture
Contact name: Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage Center

Phone number: 0191-46-4012

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