Tateyama Park

Ichinoseki City

Southern Iwate

Tateyama Park, which overlooks Senmaya Town, is located in a place where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city along with the cherry blossoms. There are approximately 100 cherry blossom trees, including Yoshino cherry, weeping cherry, and Yaezakura, which start blooming in sequence, so you can enjoy the cherry blossom viewing season for a long time.

[Sakura blooming period]: Late April to early May

Senmaya-cho, Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture
Contact name: Ichinoseki City Senmaya Branch Industrial Economics Division

Phone number: 0191-53-3963
FAX number: 0191-53-2110
Route 1: Ichinoseki Station → [60 minutes on the conventional line] Senmaya Station → [20 minutes on foot] Tateyama Park
Route 2: Ichinoseki IC → [45 minutes by car] Tateyama Park

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