Sakiori tradition museum

Hanamaki City

Southern Iwate

The ``Sakiori Folklore Museum'' has been set up as a facility to experience and pass on ``Sakiori,'' a technique that has been passed down in this region since before the Meiji era, by tearing old cloth and using it for the weft and weaving it into the warp using a loom. . There are 13 weaving machines in the museum, and even beginners can easily enjoy saki-weaving while receiving guidance, as well as displaying and selling saki-ori products.
There is a taxi office in front of the station

83-5, Shimoukita 4-ku, Towa-cho, Hanamaki-shi, Iwate 028-0141
Sakiori experience
Elementary school students 1000 yen, junior high school students and above 1400 yen~
Contact name: Sakiori Folklore Museum

Phone number: 0198-44-3125

FAX number: 0198-44-3075

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