Kanpukuji Temple

Ichinoseki City

Southern Iwate

It is said that in the 2nd year of Kenkyu, Kudo Yutsune's eldest son Inufusamaru built the temple and welcomed Encho Hoin and opened the temple. In the legend of Yoshitsune's journey northward, it houses a koji that is said to have been left behind by Rokuro Kamei Shigekiyo, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, when the master and servant of Minamoto no Yoshitsune was exiled there. In addition, the 88 Buddhist statues of Kobo Daishi's sacred sites are enshrined, from the first to the 88th, and you can make a pilgrimage along the path between the strangely shaped rocks.

37 Noda-mae, Sarusawa, Daito-cho, Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate 029-0431
Kanpukuji Temple (Manager: Mr. Saeki)
Phone number 0191-76-2644
FAX number 0191-76-2644
Reservation required

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