Hei River

Miyako City


It is one of the most scenic clear streams in the Kitakami Mountains, with a total length of 75.5 km, originating from Kukai Kogen in the Kawai district of Miyako City and flowing to Miyako City, crossing the JR Yamada Line and National Route 106. It has a tributary, the Kariyagawa River, and attracts anglers with ayu fishing from the opening of mountain stream fishing in March to July.
Small fish: March 1st to September 30th Ayu: July 1st to the period determined by the Fisheries Association
Telephone: 0193-62-8711 (Heiigawa Fisheries Cooperative Association)

Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture 028-2104
daily fishing ticket
Small fish 1,000 yen (double price for on-site sales)
Ayu 1,500 yen (double price for on-site sales)
Miyako City Niisato General Office Industrial Promotion Division
Phone number 0193-72-2112

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