Hatashikako Dance Preservation Society

Miyako City


It is unknown how it was passed down to the district, but it is danced for meritorious deeds, and is currently performed at various events by Hata district residents. Currently, there are only nine members of the preservation society, but the small community is working together to carry out handing down and preservation activities. (Dainenbutsu Kenbu: Danced with the purpose of attaining the merits of the Buddha, while chanting the Nembutsu and sutras while holding harvested food. Shikako Odori: A Makuhari-style Shikako dance performed to pray for good health and good harvest, with the dancer receiving a Shikako head.) ) Date and time District festivals, events, etc.

Taro, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, 027-0300
Seizo Hatakeyama, Chairman of the Hata Shikako Dance Preservation Society
Phone number 0193-87-5144

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