Sano Rock (prefecturally designated natural monument)

Miyako City


Sano-iwa, which appears to rise from the sea, is made up of three gigantic rocks: the drum-shaped Taiko-iwa, the 50m-high Otoko-iwa, and the Onna-iwa nearby. There is a sea cave in Otokowa, and it is said that passing through it will bring you good luck. The rock has layers of Cretaceous conglomerate and sandstone. There is a promenade nearby, and you can also do sea fishing. The further down the promenade you go, the closer you will see the brave rock formations. Dynamic rock fishing can be enjoyed all along the coast from Taro Port to Masaki and Myojinzaki. You can catch greenling, sea bass, donko, perch, mackerel, etc. The season is from May to December.

〒027-0322 Taro Azasari, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture
Miyako City Tourism Division
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