Toriyazaki Shrine

Hanamaki City

Southern Iwate

Rebuilt in 1313, Toriyazaki Castle had three castle guardian shrines, but in 1536, the castle lord at the time (an ancestor of the Hidenuki clan) merged them and created Toriyazakiza Sanhashira Shrine. It was renamed. During the Keicho period (around 1600), Kitamatsusai, the lord of Hanamaki Castle, prayed to the main shrine at the start of the war and won the war, so he built a new shrine and held a grand festival during the annual festival, inviting the people of the county to take a break from work to worship. .

7-28 Jonai, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture, 025-0076
Toriyazaki Shrine
Phone number 0198-23-2030
FAX number 0198-23-2030

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