Twelve Gods Nature Observation Education Forest

Miyako City


A virgin forest left in its natural state at the eastern foot of Mt. Junikami in the center of the Shigemo Peninsula. It is a 150 to 300-year-old natural broad-leaved forest that is mainly composed of a colony of Japanese beech and sycamores.It is said to be the most natural forest with a mixture of Japanese oaks, Japanese oaks, and giant Japanese zelkova and horse chestnut trees over 1 meter in diameter. The forest is home to many plants and animals. There is a giant zelkova tree that has been selected as one of the ``Top 100 Forest Giants,'' and it has also been selected as one of the ``Top 100 Forests for Forest Bathing.'' There are minimal camping facilities.

Shigemo, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, 027-0111
Miyako City Environment and Lifestyle Division
Phone number 0193-62-2111
FAX number 0192-63-9118
If you wish to use the campsite, please apply to the City Environment and Lifestyle Division.

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