Tabu no Oshima

Yamada Town


Funakoshi Oshima is located at the southern tip of the Funakoshi Peninsula and is commonly known as ``Tab no Oshima.'' The island, which has a circumference of 2km, is thickly covered with subtropical plants called cypress trees due to the influence of the warm Kuroshio Current. Tabunoki is an evergreen tree of the Lauraceae family that grows naturally in warm coastal areas, and the island is the northern limit of its natural distribution in Japan. In addition, the eastern part of the island is home to Senjojiki, a sea-eroded shelf carved out of granite by the violent waves of the Oyashio Current, and is known as a breeding ground for petrels. There is a shrine hidden from the open sea in a dense cedar grove, and the island's sandy beaches and sea have been worshiped as sacred places since ancient times. Boasting some of the clearest and most beautiful seawater on the Rikuchu Coast, pretty flowers bloom on the sea ledges and rocky areas that continue to be eroded. It was designated as a natural monument of Iwate Prefecture on April 5, 1951. There are no regular cruise ships that take you to the island, so we recommend viewing it from the Shijuhachizaka Observation Deck. It is one of Yamada's eight views.

Funakoshi, Yamada-cho, Shimohei-gun, Iwate-gun, 028-0000
Yamada Town Fisheries and Commerce Division
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