iron history museum

Kamaishi City


This is an iron museum unique to Kamaishi, the birthplace of modern steel manufacturing in Japan. A comprehensive performance theater that introduces the history of iron manufacturing in Kamaishi with sound, light, and video, centering around a model of a blast furnace that has been restored to full size, as well as visual equipment such as 3D images of the steelmaking process at the time and a computer-based Q&A about iron are also installed. You can enjoy learning about the history of iron. You can see a panoramic view of Kamaishi Bay from the observation terrace. A gas lamp related to Takato Oshima has been installed. The Iwate Prefecture City Gas Association donated a gas lamp (approximately 4m high) to Kamaishi City, which has been installed and lit in front of the entrance of the Iron History Museum. At dusk, the gentle light unique to gas lamps creates a magical atmosphere. [Origin of gas lights] Gas lights were first used as street lights in the 5th year of Meiji when they were installed by Kaemon Takashima in the foreign settlement in Yokohama, but 17 years earlier, in 2nd year of Ansei. It is said that gas lamps in Japan originated when Takato Oshima, who is said to be the father of modern steelmaking, used the coal gas generated in the process of making coke from coal for lighting.

3-12-7 Ohira-cho, Kamaishi, Iwate 026-0002
Business Hours
9:00-17:00 (Admission until 16:00)
Every Tuesday, 12/29-1/3
Adults 500 yen High school students 300 yen Elementary and junior high school students 150 yen
iron history museum
Phone number 0193-24-2211
FAX number 0193-24-3629
Parking lot: 5 large buses, 50 regular cars
Toilet Ostomate compatible toilet available

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