Kuromori Shrine

Mt. Kuromori is a sacred mountain that has been worshiped throughout the Hei region since ancient times. From the Heian period to the Kamakura period, it was influenced by the syncretism of Buddhism and Shintoism, and flourished as a place of worship for Bodhisattva salvation in the human world. The mountainside at an altitude of 311m is covered with a forest of pines, cedar, and fir that is dark even during the day. In April 1188, one year before Hiraizumi Takadate's suicide, Yoshitsune secretly escaped from Hiraizumi, leaving behind his shadow warrior Yukinobu Sugime, and spent three years and three months in this mountain studying the Great Prajnamaya Sutra. There is a legend that he transcribed it and prayed for it. The name ``Kuromori'' is said to have been derived from ``Kuromori.''

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