Nagasawa river cherry blossoms

Miyako City


An embankment (park) built on the right bank of the Nagasawa River as part of a specific river environment improvement project. A total of 294 cherry trees, including 219 Yoshino cherry trees, 35 Oyama cherry trees, 36 double cherry trees, and 4 mountain cherry trees, have been planted in an area of ​​2.5 hectares, making it a new cherry blossom viewing spot in Miyako. Someiyoshino cherry trees are in full bloom from mid-April to late April. In addition, azaleas and azaleas have been planted, making it a place of relaxation for citizens with beautiful flowers blooming from spring to summer. In April 1995, a monument with a poem written by Shigenobu Shigenobu, the 29th lord of the Nanbu domain, was erected on the Sakura embankment.

027-0035 Hanawa/Takusa, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture (right bank of the Nagasawa River)
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