Tsugaru Ishikawa

Miyako City


It is a clear stream that flows into the innermost part of Miyako Bay and is known as the river where most salmon swim upstream in Honshu. The salmon catching event, which was first held on the Sanriku coast in 1973, is held every year at the beginning of the new year and is crowded with many participants. It is popular because it not only serves salmon-based dishes, but also salmon-based dishes. The origin of the river dates back to the time of the Motoki and Tensho eras, when many salmon were coming up in the shallow Ishikawa area of ​​Kuroishi, Tsugaru, so the sacred stones were divided and inherited, and in the fall, large schools of salmon started to come, just spilling out of the river. Eventually, it became the number one salmon river fishing ground in the south. It is said that the name Tsugaru Ishikawa came to be called Tsugaru Ishikawa, meaning Tsugaru's stone river, from the Marunaga River, which had previously been called the Marunaga River, thanks to the strange stones that were brought from Tsugaru. It is also known as a visiting place for swans in winter.

Tsugaruishi, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture
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