Takizawa Buried Cultural Properties Center Historical Site Park “Yubuzawa Stone Ring”

Takizawa City

Central Iwate

The Takizawa Village Buried Cultural Properties Center opened in April 2000 next to the historic park ``Yubunezawa Stone Circle''. Approximately 300 items, including pottery and stone tools excavated from ruins within the village, are openly displayed. The museum is made up of five corners where you can learn about the excavation process and the history of the village. Additionally, for those who require explanations or who wish to touch the artifacts themselves, they can touch and view the exhibits under the guidance of an interpreter. We are offering historical experience courses. 8 types including earthenware making and magatama making

327-13 Yubuzawa, Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture 020-0173
Business Hours
Every Monday (the next day if Monday is a holiday), year-end and New Year holidays
200 yen
Takizawa Buried Cultural Properties Center
Phone number 019-694-9001
FAX number 019-694-9007

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