Tsukihama banya group

Tanohata Village


The Tsukihama Banya group was selected as one of the ``100 historical and cultural assets of fishing villages that we want to preserve for the future.'' All of them were washed away by the tsunami, but 22 of them were rebuilt on the site where the original banya stood. The general public can freely tour the 13 banya buildings that serve as the base for fishermen's activities. Other facilities include the ``Food Experience Banya'' where you can cook local seafood, the ``Salt Making Banya'' where you can experience some of the work of making salt from seawater, and the ``Umi Experience Banya'' which is fully equipped for scuba diving. There are also.

028-8402 Tanohata Village, Shimohei District, Iwate Prefecture
NPO Experience Village/Tanohata Network
Phone number 0194-37-1211
FAX number 0194-33-3355
Parking lot: 20 regular cars, 5 large cars

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