Suzuki Shasada

Morioka City

Central Iwate

A freedom and civil rights activist from Morioka City. He moved to Tokyo to study at a Christian school, but sympathized with the Freedom and People's Rights Movement led by Taisuke Itagaki and became an activist, and returned home after being recruited by ``Kugasha,'' a central organization in Iwate. He published ``Morioka Shinshi'' and called on people to participate in the freedom and civil rights movement. By merging ``Kyogasha'' and ``Kyodosha,'' it became a political association directly connected to the Liberal Party, and in 1891 it became a permanent member of the Liberal Party, the highest ranking member of the Liberal Party, but in 1881, he suddenly died due to appendicitis before he reached his goal.

2-2 Motomiya Jaiyashiki, Morioka 020-0866
Morioka City Ancestor Memorial Hall
Phone number 019-659-3338

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