Yaoji Hashimoto

Morioka City

Central Iwate

A painter from Shiwa Town. Graduated from Tokyo Fine Arts University, Department of Western Painting. His 300th masterpiece, ``Change Time'', was exhibited and selected as a special selection at the Teiten Exhibition in 1930, and it continued to be selected as a special selection and recommendation. After the war, he entered politics and served as chairman of the prefectural assembly. After finishing his time as a member of the Diet in 1960, he moved to Europe as a painter and held an exhibition after returning to Japan. In 1975, he founded the Hashimoto Museum of Art in Iwayama, Morioka City, where he exhibited a number of works, including works by himself and friends, works by the Barbizon school, and folk art. (The museum closed in 2001.)

2-2 Motomiya Jaiyashiki, Morioka 020-0866
Morioka City Ancestor Memorial Hall
Phone number 019-659-3338

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