Wasinoo Co., Ltd.

Hachimantai City

Central Iwate

Established in 1829, it is one of the oldest breweries in the prefecture. A slightly dry sake with a pleasant texture that you won't get tired of drinking. The name of the brand dates back to the old days when Mt. Iwate was the habitat of the giant eagle and was also known as Mt. Iwawashi (Ganju-san), so the name ``Washi-no-o'' came from the meaning of the sake brewery at the foot of the mountain. It is also said that when the snow melts in early spring, the remaining snow on Mt. Iwate, which can be seen from the sake brewery, looks like a giant eagle with its wings spread.
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22-158 Osara, Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture 028-7111
Contact name Washinoo Co., Ltd.
Phone number 0195-76-3211
FAX number 0195-76-3212

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