Wanko Soba (Morioka)

Morioka City

Central Iwate

"Wanko" is a dialect that refers to a wooden bowl. In areas such as Morioka and Hanamaki, there was a custom of serving soba to entertain guests. The only way to serve freshly boiled food to a large number of customers at once is to serve it in small portions in bowls. This etiquette is said to be the origin of Wanko Soba. The reason why you are forced to refill your plate as soon as you finish eating is a courtesy of hospitality towards guests, which is called ``otebachi.'' ``Wanko Soba'' is a playful dish where the waitstaff throws soba noodles in one after another while shouting ``Hai, Dokkoi. The greeting "Gochisousama" is not understood there. The food is served until the bowl is covered.

Morioka City
Contact name Morioka Tourism and Convention Association
Phone number 019-604-3305
*For reservations and inquiries, please call each store.
A restaurant where you can eat Wanko Soba
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