Opening of Yaiseishi mountain range

Oshu City

Southern Iwate

2024/6/1st Sunday

The Yakeishi Mountain Range occupies the northern corner of Kurikoma Quasi-National Park and has 13 mountains over 1,000m. Mt. Yaishishi, at an altitude of 1,548m, is the leader of this mountain range. It has the most remaining snow in the prefecture, and wetlands and ponds have developed everywhere. It is said that more than 300 species of alpine plants grow here, and the vegetation is diverse. Climbing courses include the Nakanuma course and the Tsutsunumuma course, as well as a traverse course that starts at Natsuyu Onsen and reaches Mt. Yaishishi via Mt. Kyozuka. National Route 397 leading to the trailhead is closed during the winter.

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2024/6/1st Sunday
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