Hanaizumi Festival

Ichinoseki City

Southern Iwate

Early August every year 15:00-20:00

*In 2020, the event will not be held as the "Hanaizumi Summer Festival" that was held every year, but as the "Hanaizumi Festival" and will focus on performances and dances by taiko drum groups. There will be no mochi pounding competition.

↓The following is the content of the “Hanaizumi Summer Festival”.
"Japan's Best Mochitsuki Tournament" is held as the main event of the summer festival. Traditional mochi pounding using a mortar and pestle. Each team participating in the competition will liven up the mochi pounding with matching costumes and performances, and compete for the grand prize with their creative mochi dishes. More than 50 types of ``proud mochi dishes'' will be provided free of charge to visitors, allowing them to enjoy the rich flavors of Hanaizumi.
[Date] Early August every year

29 Ichinomachi, Wakuzu, Hanaizumicho, Ichinoseki City, 029-3105
Early August every year 15:00-20:00
Ichinoseki City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hanaizumi Branch
Phone number 0191-82-3130

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