Fudai festival

Fudai Village

Northern Iwate

Early September every year *In 2020, the event will be held in late September.

This is a festival where gorgeous and elegant floats, which are common in the northern region of Iwate Prefecture, are paraded around, and is held for three days in early September every year. Two floats, each up to over 10 meters in height, travel around the center of the village, with a mikoshi (portable shrine) in the lead, and the light music played by children echoing around the floats. During the festival, junior high school students perform the Nakano-style Unotori Nanazumai dance, which attracts a large crowd. At night, the floats are lit up, creating a different atmosphere than during the day. We will be demonstrating the mechanisms that make the floats go up. On the last day, the festival finalizes with a procession of children, a water sprinkling ceremony for good luck, and a Fudai Bon dance.

Fudai Village, Shimohei District, 028-8300
Fudai Festival Executive Committee (Fudai Village Agriculture, Forestry and Commerce Division) Phone number 0194-35-2115 Fax number 0194-35-3017
September 29th (Friday) 15:00 - Opening ceremony September 30th (Saturday) 12:00 - Gourmet Festival (in front of Fudai Station), 20:00 - Fireworks display (in front of Fudai Station) October 1st (Sunday) 18:00 30~Bon Odori Festival

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