Chagu Chagu Umako <National Intangible Folk Cultural Property>

Takizawa City

Central Iwate

2024/6/2nd Saturday

An event to comfort the horses that share the hardships of farming with farmers. Horses are decorated with gorgeous clothes and many bells to make a pilgrimage to the shrine. About 80 horses visited the Onikoshi Sozen Shrine in Takizawa City, and ran about 14 km to Hachiman Shrine in Morioka City, ringing the bells. The march will take 4 hours and 30 minutes. In 1996, it was selected as one of Japan's top 100 soundscapes by the Ministry of the Environment. This event, which used to be held on May 5th in the lunar calendar, was moved to June 15th in 1960, and since 2001, it has been held on the second Saturday in June.

Onikoshi Sozen Shrine (Ukai Aza Sotokubo, Takizawa City) - Morioka Hachiman Shrine (13-1 Yahata-cho, Morioka City)
2024/6/2nd Saturday
Chugu Chagu Umako Preservation Society Secretariat (Morioka City Tourism Exchange Division) Phone number 019-613-8391

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