Chugu Chagu Umako photo session

Takizawa City

Central Iwate

2024/6/2nd Friday

The "Chagu Chagu Horse", a nationally designated intangible folk cultural property, is a parade of about 100 horses that visited the Onikoshi Sozen Shrine in Takizawa City and paraded 15 km to Hachiman Shrine in Morioka City for 4 hours and 30 minutes while ringing bells. Ko". Before this event, many photography enthusiasts from all over the country gather for a photo session held at Onikoshi Sozen Shrine to take pictures of the gorgeous Umako and the cute Anekko in her sedge hat and Kasuri hat.

Ukai Sotokubo, Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture (Onikoshi Sozen Shrine)
2024/6/2nd Friday 11:00-14:00
Second Friday of June every year
Takizawa City Tourism and Products Association (General Incorporated Association) Phone number: 019-684-2111 Fax number: 019-684-5479

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