Mahayana Kagura Tournament

Nishiwaga Town

Southern Iwate

Mid June 2024

Mahayana Kagura is performed for a long time. The unique dance, which is reminiscent of the powerful Shugen Yamabuse ritual, captivates the visitors.

16-131 Iwasaki, Waga-cho, Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture 024-0321 (Kitakami City Oni no Yakata Entrance Hall)
Mid June 2024 10:00~15:00
Kitakami City Oni no Yakata
Phone number 0197-73-8488
FAX number 0197-73-8508
[Access] 25 minutes by bus from the west exit of JR Kitakami Station. 15 minutes by car from Kitakami/Ezuriko IC.

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