Yushan Summer Festival

Morioka City

Central Iwate

Early August 2024

An annual summer festival in the Tamayama area of ​​Morioka City, the hometown of Takuboku Ishikawa. It is a lively festival with Bon Odori dances, an impressive and gorgeous fireworks display, and stage events.

1-1 Kawasaki, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture (Shibumin Sports Park)
Early August 2024
・Stores open from 15:30
・Stage event 16:00~
・Bon dance 19:00~
・Sansa dance 19:30~
・Fireworks launch from 20:00
Tamayama Summer Festival Executive Committee Secretariat
Phone number 019-683-3852
*In case of rain, postponed to the next day (store openings and fireworks only)

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