Let’s go meet the animals! Koiwai Farm

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Let’s go meet the animals! Koiwai Farm

Koiwai Farm is a popular tourist spot where you can enjoy various activities and experiences, as well as gourmet food unique to the farm.
The appeal of Koiwai Farm is that both adults and children can have fun all day long, whether it's being active at attractions or taking a walk in nature. There are many ways to enjoy the farm, including experience menus, but this time we went to meet the animals that live on the farm.
I was able to enjoy a lot of relaxation by watching the sheep leisurely graze and watching the sheepdogs in action.


  1. Let’s go meet the animals! Koiwai Farm
  2. Koiwai sheep show
  3. Horse and rabbit interaction corner, pony snack time
  4. horse riding
  5. Let’s go meet Koiwai’s proud Holsteins
  6. Toro carriage
  7. Sheep snack time!・Sheep grazing land

Let’s go meet the animals! Koiwai Farm

Koiwai sheep show

A popular sheep show at Koiwai Farm. You can watch as the older shepherd and sheepdog work together to gather the sheep from the hut and pasture on the grassland, and return them to the hut without leaving any behind.

(Left) Fry, a sheepdog, is called by an older shepherd with a dog whistle, and takes advantage of the sheep’s habit of living in flocks to chase the sheep in a mad dash.

(Right) During the show, Fly was running at full speed across a wide grassy field, and I was able to successfully drive him into the fence.

(Left) We have two sheepdogs: Border Collie Fry, 8 years old, and Glare, 3 years old, who is in training.

(Right) Everyone, please come and see us!

Koiwai sheep show

  • Event time: Sundays, holidays, and specific days from 11:00 (approx. 20 minutes)
  • Fee: Free

Horse and rabbit interaction corner, pony snack time

You can see horses and rabbits inside the Makiba Hall.

(Left) There are two types of rabbits: mini rabbits with erect ears and lop ears with floppy ears.

(Right) On this day, there were three lop ears that were just born in January.

(Left) The fur is fluffy and very cute.

(Right) Behind the fence at the back of the rabbit corner are miniature horses Willy and Mocha. Moka-kun was also able to experience feeding carrots as a snack, and Mocha was overjoyed when he received his favorite carrots.

Horse and rabbit interaction corner

  • Business hours: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-15:30, weekdays 10:00-15:00
  • Location: Makiba Hall
  • Fee: Free

Pony snack time!

  • Holding time: ①10:30~ ②14:00~ (approximately 20 minutes each time), weekdays 10:00~15:00 (reception at any time)
  • Price: 1 cup of carrots 300 yen *Limited to 30 cups

horse riding

It was my first experience riding with a horse.

(Left) The horse that rides me is Yunami, 8 years old. I was a little scared at first, but… (Right) He walked me gently, so I was able to relax and enjoy the scenery.

(Left) We refilled our water supply by going around the approximately 130m course. Thank you Yunami-kun! (Right) There are also cute smaller ponies.

horse riding

  • Business hours: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-15:30, weekdays 10:00-15:00
    *Items may change depending on the horse’s physical condition.
  • Fee: Horse/pony 500 yen
    *Children under 130cm in height will experience the experience on a pony.

Let’s go meet Koiwai’s proud Holsteins

A mini tour where you will move with your guide to the Kamimaru Cowshed next to Makibaen and take a tour while listening to an explanation about the Holsteins in Koiwai. You can use panels to learn about the deliciousness of Koiwai milk. Comes with milk that you can only drink here! You can only drink on this tour, so please come and join us.

(Left) You can use photo panels to explain the history of Koiwai Farm and the cows.

(Right) Inside the very quiet cowshed. The cows look like they are relaxing.

(Left) Cows are sensitive to the summer heat. It seems that they are raised with as little stress as possible.

(Right) Tour participants are provided with fresh milk that is not commercially available. It feels rich and sweet. delicious~!

Let’s go meet Koiwai’s proud Holsteins!

  • Event time: 10:30 every day
  • Price: 500 yen per person
    *Same price for adults and children *Comes with 90ml of Koiwai pasteurized milk.

Toro carriage

A horse-drawn railway that was built on Koiwai Farm in 1903. It disappeared in 1955 due to the spread of automobiles and the development of roads within farms, but this Toro horse carriage was used on the railway. The course allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the farm back then as it goes around the cluttered pastures of sheep and forests of cedar and red pine.

(Left) The person pulling the carriage is a 21-year-old veteran Ryusei (female). He seems to be in charge almost every day. (Right) You can enjoy a magnificent view of a flock of sheep on your right and Mt. Iwate in front.

Toro carriage

  • Business hours: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-15:30, weekdays 10:00-15:00
    *Items may change depending on the horse’s physical condition.
  • Price: Adults 500 yen / Children (3 years old to elementary school student) 500 yen / Children (2 years old and under) free

Sheep snack time!・Sheep grazing land

Sheep eat snacks different from their usual food at a fixed time each day. It tastes good and seems to be a favorite of the sheep, and as the time approaches, they start shouting from inside the sheep pen! Meh! I can hear the cries. It seems that they want to eat it as soon as possible. When the person in charge rings the bell, they all come towards the tray with snacks. They scramble to secure their positions and eat up the food in no time.
*You can watch how the shepherds feed the animals.
*This is not an event where customers will directly feed treats to the sheep.

(Left) The children will be given an explanation of the contents of their daily meals and snacks. (Right) Snacks disappear quickly.

(Left) A lovely lamb born in spring. Sheep become adults in one year. (Right) Pastureland for sheep. Scenery unique to Koiwai Farm. You can visit the park anytime during opening hours.

Sheep snack time!

  • Event time: 15:00~ (about 20 minutes)
  • Fee: Free

sheep pasture

Free to visit when the park is open

At Koiwai Farm Makibaen, we are working on measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

As shown in the photo, hand sanitizers and hand washing facilities are installed throughout the park.
For more information on Makibaen’s initiatives and requests to customers, please check our website.

Koiwai Farm Makibaen

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