Tachibana Bishamondo

Kitakami City

Southern Iwate

A group of Buddhist statues from the Heian period are enshrined there that tell the story of the Kunimiyama culture of ancient Buddhism. Among them, the ``Wooden Standing Statue of Bishamonten'' and ``Wooden Standing Statue of Nitennou'' have been designated as National Important Cultural Properties.

16-105 Tachibana, Kitakami City
Kitakami City Board of Education Cultural Properties Division
Phone number 0197-65-0098
FAX number 0197-64-1759
●For tours, please contact Bishamondo (TEL: 0197-64-7303) in advance.
Route 1: Kitakami Station → [10 minutes by taxi] Tachibana Bishamondo
Route 2: Kitakami Ezuriko IC → [30 minutes by car] Tachibana Bishamondo

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