[Mitsuyama Onsen] Gakusenso

Yamada Town


It is located on a mountain pass just before you can see the ocean as you head towards Yamada on National Route 45 from Miyako. The spring quality is simple cold mineral spring. It contains natural radon and is said to be effective against skin diseases, and many people from nearby cities and towns use it. There are two types of indoor baths for men and women: warm water and hot water, and they are said to be warming. Prices for use of banquet halls, accommodation rooms, rest rooms, etc. are set in detail, so you can use them according to your preference.

13-59-29 Osawa, Yamada-machi, Shimohei-gun, Iwate Prefecture
Business Hours
[Day trip bath] 7:00-8:40
[Day trip bath] Adults 480 yen, junior high school students 430 yen, elementary school students 220 yen
Mitsuyama Onsen Gakusenso
Phone number: 0193-82-2314
Route 1: Shin-Hanamaki Station → [160 minutes by conventional line] Rikuchu Yamada Station → [12 minutes by taxi] [Mitsuyama Onsen] Gakusenso
Route 2: Kitakami Ezuriko IC → [150 minutes by car] [Mitsuyama Onsen] Gakusenso

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