Morioka Sansa Dance

Morioka City

Central Iwate

August 1st to 4th every year (parade starts at 18:00)

Sansa Odori, a Bon dance that has been passed down since the feudal period, will be held on Chuo-dori (approximately 1 km from the prefectural office) from August 1st to 4th. The ``Sansa Odori'' is said to have originated in the precincts of Mitsuishi Shrine a long time ago, when people danced to celebrate the exorcism of evil spirits.Currently, the dancers, flute players, and taiko drums gather around 36,000 people. It becomes. In addition, in the afternoon from August 1st to August 4th, there will be a ``Traditional Sansa Dance Competition'' held at the Morioka Civic Cultural Hall and the station square, where Sansa dance groups from each region will perform traditional dances that have been passed down since ancient times. is held. It is counted as one of the five major festivals of Tohoku.

Chuo-dori, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, etc.
August 1st to 4th every year (parade starts at 18:00)
Morioka Sansa Dance Executive Committee (Morioka Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Phone number 019-624-5880
FAX number 019-654-1588

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