Koshi persimmon

Kamaishi City


Koshigaki is a specialty of Kashicho in the western part of Kamaishi City.
When persimmons begin to grow in the gardens of Koshi Town, it feels like autumn in Kamaishi.
Koshigaki is a type of persimmon that has been harvested and smoked in a persimmon room at an appropriate temperature for about a week to remove its astringency. After smoking, the color changes from brown to bright red, and the texture is soft and jelly-like, similar to a tomato.
In autumn, the Koshigaki Festival is held around the roadside station Kamaishi Sennintoge.
Please come and enjoy the taste of autumn in Kamaishi.

Koshi-cho, Kamaishi City
Kamaishi City Industrial Promotion Department Agriculture and Forestry Division
Phone number 0193-22-2111

Koshigaki no Sato Production Association
Phone number 0193-59-2307
[Main sales destinations] Roadside stations, local produce, supermarkets, etc.

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