Morioka Jajaan (Morioka City)

Morioka City

Central Iwate

Freshly boiled hot noodles such as flat Ikishimen noodles or udon noodles,
Add chopped cucumbers, green onions, secret meat miso paste, vinegar, chili oil, garlic, and added ginger to your liking.
You can eat it by mixing it well or by mixing it little by little, and each person will have a different taste depending on the amount of seasoning they add, making Jajamen with their own taste.
And the final treat for Jajamen fans is ``Chitan (Chitantan)''.
Once you've finished eating most of the noodles, crack a raw egg onto a plate, pour the boiling water over it, add green onions and meat miso, and the delicious ``Chitan'' is completed.

1-1-10 Nakanohashi-dori, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture 020-0871
(Morioka Tourism and Convention Association)
Phone number: 019-604-3305
(Morioka Tourism and Convention Association)

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